Sunday, August 01, 2010

Reviving this Old Blog.

I hadn’t posted anything new here for many months ... going on to years. Maybe it’s time to start something new here because some of you visitors may have come here through seeing my old screen name Trailowner on posts at other sites.

What to write about – considering that my site is where I post all my latest writing related material ... mostly connected to my Iskander series novels.

This one should do something different. How about question topics? My fantasy novel, Rast, due out March 2011 has a different take on magic that any other I know about. Magic isn’t a neat parlour trick or something activated by the wave of a magic wand – it is a force integral to the world of Rast. It can only be controlled by very few individuals, all connected to the same family, and if they fail to control the forces, they could rebel and destroy the world.

Your take on this? Is the concept too unusual? Does it spoil the fun? Please comment and let me know.


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