Thursday, March 24, 2011

Virtual Book Tour -- April

My Virtual Book Tour for my fantasy novel "Rast" begins on April 4th. The tour schedule is here -- and I will be posting reminders and changes here as the month progresses.

Please mark your April calendars and follow along for the tour. Guest blogs, interviews, excerpts, reviews and spotlights. For some lucky followers who identify themselves by commenting on the most tour sites there will be free copies of "Rast".

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Rast is available.

My high fantasy “Rast” was released on the last day of February. I’ve been busy sending out notes everywhere but here, but that will cease. I have a Virtual Book Tour booked for April and will post the online locations where you can find me here, as well as where free e-book copies of the novel can be won. (I don’t know yet as nothing is decided.)

Later in the year the POD paperback version of “Rast” should be available and I will post the info where to find it for those who still prefer to squeeze the pages between thumb and forefinger. Actually, an e-book reader is easier to hold.

At the moment “Rast” is only available at the publisher’s site –

What is “Rast”? Take a read here –
“When the magic revolts to destroy the reigning Drogar, unleashing old enemies against Rast, a new danger lands upon the coast. An adventurer who scoffs at the thought of magic, Commander Antar, comes to pillage Rast for the burning stone that can fuel his iron furnaces, and to conquer the magic kingdom.

Prince Egon must tame his father’s deadly magic before he can withstand these assaults. His sweetheart Jady must ride alone to thwart the evil Deepning’s ascendance, released by the weakened Drogar. She also rides to confront the princess who must displace her; while Egon becomes Antar’s prisoner and the invaders’ guide through the mountains. Can the young peoples’ courage and magic repel the materialists from the sea?”

Don’t forget to visit to read about all my work and perhaps download the free novella “Gisel Matah and the Slave Ship” my promo of the Iskander series.

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