Sunday, November 06, 2011

Apologies---but read the review

It has been over a month since I last posted here. Post frequency will pick up soon---another two reviews due and progress (and teasers) for my latest project to report.

Sold nine POD copies of Rast this past month, as well as nine PODs of my Iskander series novels. Eighteen copies of books in less than a month is a record around here, so I have to admit being pleased.

Read the new review of Rast---second post after this one. I received word from one of my reviewers that she has received the copy I sent, so I'm hoping I will have a new review for Christmas.

The two novellas of my Regency romance/steampunk crossover are progressing. I want to submit them this month along with a rough synopsis of the third novella. There has to be a fourth, but apart from the fact I have to settle the romance between my protagonist and one of her three new admirers, I haven't decided what has to happen.

I'm still posting the excerpts of Regency Bagatelle on my other blog I started Bagatelle to practice writing that sounded authentic Regency and the exercise has passed 12000 words and is still going. Maybe it would make a novella, but it has already been published electronically, on the blog. Perhaps I'll add it to my website as a new give-away.

That's about it for now...but scroll down and read the review. Bye.

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Blogger Joylene said...

Those numbers are outstanding. Kudos!

1:50 PM  

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