Friday, December 23, 2011

Steaming to Romance

Hi All:

Interrupting my posts of the Muse Conference workshop to let you know that the first two novellas of my Regency Romance\Steampunk crossover were sent to the submissions team yesterday. Since my editor for "Rast", the fantasy novel published there last March, is one of the submissions editors I am hopeful they will find a place to fit them into the catalogue.

After much deliberation and mind changing I'm calling the series of four novellas "Steaming to Romance" since it is both a very drawn out Regency romantic adventure and a steam powered spying and sea-fight tale. The first novella, "Spinster of Steam" introduces Roberta, the fictional daughter of George Stephenson and her steam ram "Spiteful" and two of the male leads. The second, "Romance and Steam" introduces two more male leads (on the premise that the more suitors the better) and the action in Roberta's shipyard to begin fulfilling the orders for the navy as well as readying some agents to spy on Napoleon's shipyards.

Meant to offer best wishes for the Holidays and New Year, so will tag it on here. Will post more workshop until I have more info to update the novella story submission.

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