Sunday, May 15, 2011

Catching Up

I didn’t go away after finishing the Virtual Book Tour, but my mind and my promotion get-up-and-go did. I managed to find the next free copy winner and send it off before I took wing in other directions. The two winners are ---

V. R. Leavitt, who left a Facebook address I could contact her on.

Teresa K, who I tracked down through one of the Yahoo sites.

I also had the first of the reviews for Rast during the VBT and post it next---

Book Review: Rast by Christopher Hoare
It is a dangerous time in the world of Rast. Rebelling magic forces are slowly killing the reigning Drogar. His son, Prince Egon, is set to take over as the new sorcerer-king, admitting the deadly magic to himself in such a way as to control it.

Jady, Guardian of the Silent Forest, is the last of her line. Her father and brothers have already been killed by the Deepning Pools. Though in love with Egon, she is sent away on his orders. No matter their feelings, she cannot bear him an heir that will become the next Drogar. Ignoring his orders, an angry Jady goes off to meet the Princess, whose marriage to Prince Egon has been arranged.

As if this trying time of the interregnum isn't enough, Offrangs arrive seeking to conquer Rast. Conflict is inevitable. But who will win?

I'm not a huge lover of fantasy novels, but I've read one of the books in Hoare's speculative fiction Iskander series and enjoyed his strong, female heroine. When he asked me to review Rast, what some have claimed is his best work, I decided to give it a shot.

Part of my issue with fantasy novels is I rarely see one that is less than the size of my Bible. Because you are dealing with made up worlds and beings, this requires the author to be especially clear when describing the setting and the book's characters. I have to hand it to Hoare because he managed to do that in only 269 pages. Not once did I feel lost or unable to figure out the setting or the characters; though a Rast Guidebook is available for free with each download of the e-Book.

An interesting aspect of this novel is that the magic is like a character in and of itself. I've seen this done with an island in Evenings on Dark Island by Rhett DeVane and Larry Rock. It's quite fascinating when an object, or in this case, a supernatural power is so much a part of the story that it takes on character-like qualities.

Rast contains many characters that will elicit emotions in the reader. She will feel sorry for Egon and Jady who are forced to deny their love because of their duties. She will be inspired by the devotion the dying Drogar has to his son and the kingdom of Rast. It's quite likely she will feel the need to throttle the Princess multiple times during the story.

A masterfully told high fantasy novel that will wow you with its explosive conclusion is what you'll find in Rast by Christopher Hoare.

Title: Rast
Author: Christopher Hoare
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-926931-43-2
SRP: $5.95

Available in a Kindle edition
The review was from Cheryl Malandrinos

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