Monday, October 03, 2011

I don't really want to hide the review

Hi All:

I really need to post a new blog entry but as I say above .... well, you know how it is. Someone says something good about you and you want to relish it.

This is now the site for my fantasy, Rast, and the publisher MuseItUp. I have started on a new submission to Muse, but it's not what my editor wants me to work on. I know I'm supposed to follow good advice, but I'm not ready to return to the magic realm of Rast, nor to Offran the materialist nation of Commander Antar, the novel antagonist, where much of the next novel must take place.

I have had some votes for making the Pythian, the mysterious oracle living under the palace of Rast, a more significant character next time. Perhaps even the narrator of the next story, which is a keen idea most likely to start me writing. Thanks Nancy (my editor).

But at the moment I'm working on my Regency non-romance as a series of novellas, with the first entitled (now) Spinster of Steam. It was supposed to be a romance, but the background scenario has hidden the romance. It's still there; by the time we get to the second novella the romantic elements will take shape. It crosses a whole slew of genres; romance, regency, steampunk, espionage, satire (two male characters are spoofs of James Bond and Sherlock Holmes) and alternate history. It takes place in the middle of the Regency period (strictly, 1811 to 1820) and I'm looking for a way to bring Napoleon in for a guest appearance.

Anyway, that's my to do list. Don't forget to look at the review of Rast in the previous post.

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