Monday, August 02, 2010

Still Attempting to Revive.

This old blog needs more than mouth to mouth – it needs chest compressions. I guess I should give it five and see if anything starts up.

How about more questions? Where do you stand to write? I don’t mean physically, I mean what worldview, what stance to life, what philosophy guides your words?

Does a solid, unshakeable position produce better fiction that an openness to fresh perspectives? From my own experience of critiquing other writers’ fiction I’d say works tagged with a ‘philosophical brand’ are more wooden and unbelievable than those that wander open-eyed into possible minefields.

What does your own experience say?



Blogger Joylene said...

I actually have to think more on this. I know there are best selling novels out there that I never did understand. Whoosh -- right over the head. That's why I love to read reviews because I'm generally shocked at the innuendos that I missed. Wonder if that has anything to do with being brought up on a farm? Everything was clear and in your face logic. Anyway, I digest. I think new ideas and a fresh approach are just that, refreshing. If it still fits with what I know about human nature. As I read I want to feel connected even if it's a subject I hadn't thought of in these particular ways.

Love the post, Chris. I'm glad you're doing this. I love dissecting your brain, and since i can't do it in person, this blog will be the next best thing.

9:01 AM  
Blogger MuseItUp Publishing said...

Oh Chris, my stories go wherever my characters and their dilemmas take me. I flesh out a story after the first draft because I'm one of those writers that needs to write and worry about everything else afterward. I need to get the story out of my head first.

9:32 AM  

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