Saturday, August 07, 2010

The other big Time Killer

If writing were the only effort authors had to put out we'd be a lot more prolific. I like to think more accomplished, too. Most writers admit to finding the success of a first publication a bit of a two edged sword. It's a shock when the craft of writing turns into the business of writing.

I admit that I'd rather do nothing but write. If left to my own desires I could write continually, but the first nasty truth to land on us is that the publisher has schedules and a catalog planned, and doesn't want the idea you have in mind right away. If you want to emulate the SF writers of that golden age and publish four novels a year, you'd better have four publishers.

Then there is the need for promotion. It costs money, so very few publishers do any these days -- and then only for their established best sellers. With all the thousands of new works published yearly an author has to make a noise to be noticed. It's sad but true, that the best novel in the market will never be noticed unless the author puts in time selling it. The word on my writing list says the most successful authors spend 50% of their available time writing, and the other 50% promoting.

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