Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wot's Noo?

Not much to report at the moment.

My POD copies of Rast have not yet arrived, so the planning of more promotion is stalled. I may have mentioned I entered Rast in the EPIC Awards this year and am waiting to learn whether it sinks or swims.

I'm following Rast with a Regency work. I'd call it a romance if it didn't have as much action has a great deal of steam train and ship travel but it's not fantastical enough to call steampunk. It takes place in a somewhat alternate Regency because I shifted the 19th century rapid progress of steam to begin earler, with the start England's South Eastern Railway moved to 1802---and gave Napoleon a boost with a new plan to invade England in 1815. Oh...and the female protagonist is the proprietor of a steamship yard on the Clyde---as well as being pursued by interested gentlemen.

Other than those twists I'm writing in a style as near to Regency as I dare, with all the formality and convoluted social graces that one might enjoy in a novel of Jane Austen. I have a Regency practice ongoing, with posts on my other blog to work myself into the groove of thinking Regency.

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Not mention you have a huge following.

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