Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free Novella: New Website

I’m announcing a free story on my website at now. The website has been recovered from the scam outfit that stole it and has been recreated in an entirely new form. On the home page you will see the cover illustrations of my four published novels as well as the one due out in March. I’ve also added cover-type images for work in progress and the free novella.

“Gisel Matah and the Slave Ship” takes its background from a paper sent to me by a historian friend. She put together the story of the founding of Sierra Leone as a colony in which to settle released slaves. Over a hundred years or so, the project ran into problems, opposition, and the need for compromises. Gisel, my young officer protagonist of my Iskander series novels, runs into most of those problems during the few days she’s in charge of the captured ship, and trying to find a safe place to release the slaves aboard. I tell the story as entertainment, but Gisel in her conflicts with her impatient commanders, tells the true story of the African colony in miniature.

The e-book downloads I offer are not all perfect – I find ePub is a bearcat of a format. I used two different programs to convert my manuscript, one a free download and one a free online service, and I guess they were worth what I paid for them. Not exactly, because I’ve seen lots of online traffic about the problems between Kindle, Kobo, and Nook versions and the tweaking publishers have to do to produce a clean file. The html and the pdf downloads are far better files.

What else is new? I’m thinking of using this blog site as a location for my MuseItUp Publishing releases, starting with “Rast” which is due out in March. My Double Dragon Publishing novels will stay on . It’s not that I want to keep the publishers separated but that the Iskander series novels are alternate world SF and Rast is a high fantasy. Some writers caution a writer not to muddle the genres, although I don’t think SF and Fantasy fight like cats and dogs. The posts I’ve added to trailowner recently have brought in a few new people and doing that is what this promotion business is all about.

Remember, you can download the free novella, “Gisel Matah and the Slave Ship” right now from . (The pdf version is the cleanest read.)

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