Saturday, April 30, 2011

VBT is ended

April is mostly over and my VBT for Rast finished on Friday. I have yet to check through the posts for comments to pick the winner of the second free e-book copy of Rast. Will do that tomorrow and post about the VBT some more.

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Blogger joylene said...

Did the month go by fast or what? I hope it was a big success, Chris. All that work deserves results. I'm still waiting to find out my release date. You must feel relieved that it's almost over. Have a great weekend.

8:32 PM  
Blogger Christopher Hoare said...

Thanks Joylene. We shall see if it was a big success. I'm not sure if the month went by quickly or not -- what with all the guest blogs and interviews to do in the run up, and the checking for comments on the posts it takes up a lot of writing time.
Yeah, I'm relieved it's over -I just have to track down the last freebie winner.


6:51 PM  

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