Sunday, January 02, 2011

Announcing a new ice age

The way glaciers are built up is by the deposition of more snow in the winter than the sun can melt in the summer. You should see the snowdrift in our yard this winter – it covered the 4' fence, then it buried the 2' extensions I built onto it to keep the dogs from escaping. Right now it’s heading for the 8' mark, and almost there.

Two board fences are buried under it now, I think it must be the snowdrift that ate the world. I had to rig a temporary fence across the yard to keep the dogs from reaching the drift or they’d be off every time they’re let out. The doghouse was almost buried last night with a side drift up to the roof. I’d leave it until Spring, or maybe the next interglacial, but when I unload firewood out of the trailer, the shortest route is to pitch the logs over the other (that’s other, other) snowdrift onto the doghouse entry to collect from the house side of our Antarctic garden.

Hasn’t been too warm around her for a few weeks, either. But I’ve discovered why the Arctic has been warming these past few years – it’s been sending the G##### D### cold air down to us. I see the kids at another house a few blocks away have started building an igloo – smart kids, they’ll need it by the time they’re ready to graduate. It never hurts to have a craft skill of some kind under your belt.

Meanwhile, I should start planning a big sunshade to build over my drift. I figure that if I worked at building my drift over the next few years I could have a glacier halfway to town by peak oil. I could charge a small fee for people wanting to skate or cross country ski to town instead of burning gas in their cars. That bit of carbon dioxide reduction, plus the water I can lock up in my glacier, I’m well on the way to saving the world from climate change. And you all thought I was wasting my time.

Hope 2011 has been good to you, so far ...

Keep warm...

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